Ultrasonic cleaning of spare parts for gas and diesel industrial engines

Ultrasonic cleaning is a very common washing technique by which external and internal dirt is removed, even when the part cannot be cleaned by mechanical procedures given the difficult access to some of its areas.

In the industrial sector, the ultrasonic cleaning technique is used everyday, giving results that are difficult to match with other washing methods.

 What is ultrasonic cleaning and how does it work?

Ultrasonic cleaning is the most effective method to wash any type of industrial part and increase its productive capacity and its lifespan. This cleaning method works by means of high frequency longitudinal waves produced in the liquid in which the parts are immersed.

At RS Motor we have 2 types of ultrasonic cleaning machines. One of them is for steels and cast-iron and the other one is for aluminum. The most widespread, given the most common materials used for the manufacture of industrial engine parts, is the machine for steel and cast-iron. The ultrasonic cleaning machine for aluminum is used in specific cases, although to a lesser extent.

What are the advantages of ultrasonic cleaning?

The advantages of ultrasonic cleaning are the quality of cleaning, especially with parts that have areas that are difficult to access. Another factor to take into account is the decrease in costs, due to the savings in cleaning times.

Thanks to ultrasonic cleaning, it is possible to eliminate solid remains of particles formed over time (carbon, solid waste produced by the action of gases or the passage of water …).

The most important thing about these ultrasonic cleaning machines is that they are capable of doing a good job in a totally safe way and without causing damage to objects. This is a fundamental point for the treatment and maintenance of the different industrial parts.

When is ultrasonic cleaning of engine parts carried out?

Ultrasonic cleaning is carried out whenever there are parts that have hard-to-reach areas which cannot be washed otherwise. A clear example of this is the inner of the intercooler tube bundles, the internal cavity of the cylinder head core…

However, it is essential to take into account that not all engine spare parts can be dipped in an ultrasonic cleaning machine. The material from which it is made must be considered to avoid cleaning problems or even degradation of the piece. That is why RS Motor has 2 different types of ultrasonic cleaning machines.

What parts can be cleaned by using an ultrasonic cleaning machine?

RS Motor utilizes this washing technique mainly to clean intercoolers, cylinder head cores, flame arresters, cylinder jackets, exhaust manifolds … of industrial gas or diesel engines of DEUTZ/MWM, Jenbacher, Guascor brands… Although we could also do it on parts of other brands of engines such as Caterpillar, Rolls Royce, Cummins, Scania, Liebherr, Iveco, MTU…

Ask RS Motor for a quotation if you need to clean the spare parts of your industrial engine by ultrasonic cleaning

If you have any part that you have difficulty cleaning and you don’t know where to do it, ask RS Motor for an offer to carry out an ultrasonic cleaning of it. We will return it to you in a condition that will surprise you. We are completely sure that, once you try, you will repeat.

You can contact us by email at: social@rsmotor.es . Our Sales Department and our Service Department will be glad to help you.

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