Trade of gas engines spare parts


RS MOTOR as specialist on the trade of gas engines spare parts and on the gas engine maintenance, recommends the use of high quality industrial spark plugs. We have a wide range of spark plugs adapted to each engine and gas (Natural Gas, Biogas, Special Gases…)

On J-shape spark plugs, we trade specially with DENSO spark plugs, CHAMPIONS spark plugs and BERU spark plugs. To gas engines:

  • MWM TCG2016,
  • MWM TBG616,
  • MWM TCG2020 and
  • MWM TBG620

running with biogas, we recommend the use of the spark plugs DENSO GL3-5.

To gas engines:

  • Guascor FGLD180,
  • Guascor FGLD240,
  • Guascor FGLD360 and
  • Guascor FGLD480,

we recommend DENSO GI3-3 spark plugs.

Combining the use of this spark plugs with a proper maintenance, checking the high tensión lead voltaje with the Spark View from MOTORTECH and a periodic cleaning with the Spark Plug Cleaning Kit from MOTORTECH the cycles of the spark plug will be even longer.

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