Daily refurbishments and repairs in RS Motor


This week we show you few examples of different refurbishments and repairs. As you can see in the pictures, «RS Motor» is able to repair and refurbish spare parts and engine parts of DEUTZ/MWM, Jenbacher and Guascor engines.

As we have shown you many times, in our own workshop of more than 750 m2 and thanks to the specific equipment, the quality of all repairs and refurbishments is unbeatable.

The «RS Motor» team is able to carry out at the same time different labors in also different engines. The most common engines we Overhaul in our facilities are:

  • Deutz/MWM TBG616/TCG2016,
  • Deutz/MWM TBG620/TCG2020,
  • Deutz/MWM TBG632/TCG2032,
  • Deutz TBD616/TBD620,
  • Jenbacher type 3,
  • Jenbacher type 4,
  • Jenbacher type 6,
  • Guascor FG, FGLD, SFGLD, HGM, SFGM ….

whatever the number of cylinders.

Every passing day «RS Motor» is improving the quality of the labor thanks to the continuous formation of our specialized technicians and engineers.

Our team is composed by highly qualified workshop technicians, field engineers, field technicians…All of them with several years of experience. Every technician or engineer of «RS Motor»r uses always original spare parts (genuine and/or OEM) purchased by the «RS Motor» technical buyers, who are always looking for the best quality products available in the market.

The final result is that, joining forces, the team of «RS Motor» results as the best alternative to the manufacturer of the engine.

Enjoy the pictures of some refurbishments in the workshop!!!

Today and during next three days, we will be in the show HEAT&POWER

RS Motor in the show HEAT&POWER

Good morning everybody from Moscow. Today and during next three days, we will be in the show HEAT&POWER in Moscow. Join us in our booth C517 in pavillion 1 of CROCUS EXPO, there you will see on first hand the solutions of RS MOTOR in the service of engines MWM and JENBACHER. We will be with our colleagues of AVAT, the creator and manufacturer of the TEM-Evo system.

We will be waiting for you!!!

RU: Добрый день всем из Москвы! Сегодня и в течении следующих трёх дней мы будем находиться на московской выставке HEAT &POWER.

Приходите на наш стенд С 517, расположенный в Павильоне 1 в CROCUS EXPO, где вы сможете из первых рук узнать о решениях, которые предлагает RS Motor для обслуживания газовых двигателей MWM и Jenbacher.

Также с нами на стенде будут находиться наши партнёры из компании AVAT, разработчики и производители TEM- Evo.

Ждём Вас на нашем стенде!