Wiring Rails for MWM Gas Engines

Raíles para motores de gas MWM

Motortech has started the production of its new wiring rails for MWM gas engines.

The rails are designed as a plug & play solution and direct replacement for the original MWM rails and will initially be available for many engines of the TCG 2016 and TCG 2020 series.

Thanks to the identical design and full compatibility with all connected harnesses, the wiring rails are individually replaceable and offer the aftermarket a cost-effective yet high quality alternative to the original rails from the engine manufacturer.

Wiring rails main features

  • Plug&Play Solution for MWM wiring rails.
  • Easy intalation withoud additional moficitions.
  • Compatible with all original MWM wires.
  • Delivered with MOTORTECH P.N. 06.50.055 ignition coils. Compatibles with ZS ignition controller.
  • Able to replace individually.
  • Filled with special foam to protec the wiring.
  • Aluminium rail profiles.

Wiring Rails for MWM Gas Engines

«RS Motor» the best alternative to any official brand on gas and diesel engines

Apart from DEUTZ/MWM (CAT) engines, Jenbacher engines and Guascor engines, «RS Motor» is the best alternative to any official engine brand.

In this occasion, we show you how our team refurbish a cylinder head of a Rolls Royce engine.

The main steps are the same than the ones we usually perform on different types of cylinder heads. As a consequence, the result is also successful. Thanks to this, many customers trust on «RS Motor» for refurbishing their cylinder heads whatever the engine brand they have installed in the Power Plant.

As in this post we show you a cylinder head from a Rolls Royce engine, we are proud to say to you that we are able to sell ignition cables, coils and other electronic parts for this brand of engine with competitive prices. Motortech is one of the most specialist companies of the world offering products for Rolls Royce engines. So as we are Official Distributors of Motortech products for Spain and Portugal, we are the best option for selling spare parts to your engine.

Do not hesitate! Send to our facilities or workshop the engine parts you need to refurbish or repair. Our team will do the best to accomplish your aims.

Also don’t forget to ask for price and delivery time of Motortech products, Heinzmann products or AVAT products. We are sure that you will be not able to find better prices on the market!


Control System Upgrade in a CATERPILLAR G3516 gas engine by using MOTORTECH components


Today we introduce you an upgrade in a CATERPILLAR G3516 control system. The engine was overhauled and the upgrade was carried out by «RS MOTOR» with our partner MOTORTECH.

The main goal on the upgrade was update the control system with MOTORTECH components, following the next improvements:

  • More powerful and reliable ignition controller
  • Visualization of ignition control data and adjustment of various parameters
  • High performance ignition coils
  • Optimized starting behavior and engine performance
  • Kits include all necessary components for a quick and successful upgrade
  • Prefabricated components guarantee easy installation

The components of MOTORTECH used in this upgrade have been:

  • MIC5 Ignition Controller.
  • Detcon20 Detonation Control System.
  • AlphaRail Wiring Rail for Detonation and Temperature Control.
  • ALL-IN-ONE Generator & CHP Control System.
  • VariFuel2 Air/Gas Mixer.


(1) MIC 5 Ignition Controller



(1) Junction Box
(2) Caterpillar Ignition Coils



(1) AlphaRail wiring rail for detonation and temperature control
(2) Detonation sensors
(3) Thermocouple



(1) Temperature sensor manifold air
(2) Pressure sensor manifold air



(1) VariFuel2 Air/Gas Mixer with Integrated Stepper Motor (one per bank)



(2) VariStep3 Stepper Motor Driver
(3) I-AIN8TC Analog Input Extension Module for Thermocouples



(1) ALL-IN-ONE.NTC BB Controller
(2) IO8/8 Input/Output Extension Module
(3) IB-NT Internet Communication Module



(1) ALL-IN-ONE.Vision8 Display



(1) Master SCADA Control


Master SCADA Control

(1) Master SCADA Control