Control System Upgrade in a CATERPILLAR G3516 gas engine by using MOTORTECH components


Today we introduce you an upgrade in a CATERPILLAR G3516 control system. The engine was overhauled and the upgrade was carried out by «RS MOTOR» with our partner MOTORTECH.

The main goal on the upgrade was update the control system with MOTORTECH components, following the next improvements:

  • More powerful and reliable ignition controller
  • Visualization of ignition control data and adjustment of various parameters
  • High performance ignition coils
  • Optimized starting behavior and engine performance
  • Kits include all necessary components for a quick and successful upgrade
  • Prefabricated components guarantee easy installation

The components of MOTORTECH used in this upgrade have been:

  • MIC5 Ignition Controller.
  • Detcon20 Detonation Control System.
  • AlphaRail Wiring Rail for Detonation and Temperature Control.
  • ALL-IN-ONE Generator & CHP Control System.
  • VariFuel2 Air/Gas Mixer.


(1) MIC 5 Ignition Controller



(1) Junction Box
(2) Caterpillar Ignition Coils



(1) AlphaRail wiring rail for detonation and temperature control
(2) Detonation sensors
(3) Thermocouple



(1) Temperature sensor manifold air
(2) Pressure sensor manifold air



(1) VariFuel2 Air/Gas Mixer with Integrated Stepper Motor (one per bank)



(2) VariStep3 Stepper Motor Driver
(3) I-AIN8TC Analog Input Extension Module for Thermocouples



(1) ALL-IN-ONE.NTC BB Controller
(2) IO8/8 Input/Output Extension Module
(3) IB-NT Internet Communication Module



(1) ALL-IN-ONE.Vision8 Display



(1) Master SCADA Control


Master SCADA Control

(1) Master SCADA Control


MOTORTECH Spark plug leads for gas engines


PolyMot™ Spark Plug Leads

MOTORTECH’s PolyMot™ spark plug lead was globally patented in 1996. Since then more than one million leads were manufactured to this design. These spark plug leads are unique and offer several advantages when being compared to the genuine or aftermarket competition. With the knowledge gathered in ignition control and ignition coil research and manufacturing, a lot of the details were implemented into these products. The unique structure has achieved tremendous reliability records in the field.

General Features (MOTORTECH Spark plug leads for gas engines)

  • Rigid design.
  • Insulators made of high quality Teflon® and up to 36 inch length.
  • Reliable ignition coil and spark plug terminals.
  • Critical high voltage areas are protected with seals.
  • Designed to match the engine model, the spark plug type and application.
  • Insulators are labeled with P/N and production code for easy traceability.
  • Long life product.

Key Design Features (MOTORTECH Spark plug leads for gas engines)


1. Reliable terminals to fit a large variety of different ignition coil types
2. The blue silicone wire is specially designed for high dielectric strength
3. Special silicone boots for wire output with excellent temperature and aging characteristics
4. Highest dielectric strength due to TEFLON® insulator
5. Ceramic insert with 5 kΩ resistor for EMI suppression
6. Integrated silicone seal rings for best flashover protection will not stick on the spark plug insulator when pulling off the extension