Wiring Rails for MWM Gas Engines

Raíles para motores de gas MWM

Motortech has started the production of its new wiring rails for MWM gas engines.

The rails are designed as a plug & play solution and direct replacement for the original MWM rails and will initially be available for many engines of the TCG 2016 and TCG 2020 series.

Thanks to the identical design and full compatibility with all connected harnesses, the wiring rails are individually replaceable and offer the aftermarket a cost-effective yet high quality alternative to the original rails from the engine manufacturer.

Wiring rails main features

  • Plug&Play Solution for MWM wiring rails.
  • Easy intalation withoud additional moficitions.
  • Compatible with all original MWM wires.
  • Delivered with MOTORTECH P.N. 06.50.055 ignition coils. Compatibles with ZS ignition controller.
  • Able to replace individually.
  • Filled with special foam to protec the wiring.
  • Aluminium rail profiles.

Wiring Rails for MWM Gas Engines

AVAT and RS Motor as synonyms of Open and Flexible Control Systems for gas engines

Known as the developer and manufacturer of the TEM-Evo Control System for MWM gas engines, AVAT is the expert for reliable combustion control of large gas, dual fuel and CHP engines for sustainable and decentralized power generation with over 25 years of experience.

Thanks to this, as “Certified System Partner” of AVAT, RS Motor can offer individual control solutions, plug & run complete engine control systems and single control components.

The range of products we can offer together is wide:


a) E²CON-CHP: Engine & CHP control system. It is a complete control system for all types of engines and CHP modules.

b) E²CON-TE: DEUTZ/MWM retrofit. It is based on openECS, the only open and flexible system integration platform in the market. It has been designed as a risk-free conversion for replacing TEM-Evo controllers.

c) E²CON-GE: Jenbacher retrofit. It is an openECS based tailor-made engine controller for Jenbacher gas engines, open to all types of expansion.


a) E²CORE: Multi-Actuators-Control. The key strength of E²CORE lies in its multivariable control of the engine using all available actuating variables.

b) E²KNOCKCON: Structure-borne noise evaluation. E²KNOCKCON individually detects misfires on the basis of combustion noise and relays the information directly to the engine controller.

c) E²PRECON: Cylinder pressure analysis. E²PRECON computes power, peak pressure, knocking intensity and the temporal combustion pattern for every cylinder and every individual combustion event.


a) VPN ROUTER. VPN ROUTERs are connected on-site to the engine controller, enabling secure data exchange via the Internet. Access to the Internet can be provided either by the operator’s existing broadband network infrastructure or through a mobile device.

b) AVAT CONNECT. AVAT CONNECT acts as a gateway to the engine for remote and predictive maintenance.

c) E²SERVICE. E²SERVICE is the perfect tool to handle any challenge during engine development, test bed operation, commissioning, maintenance, troubleshooting or simply in daily operation.

So do not hesitate to contact us if you need any support related with the Control System of your CHP, MWM or Jenbacher engine. «RS Motor» and AVAT can give you the best solution to your headaches!!!

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