Industrial Spark Plugs for gas engines (Denso, Champion, Beru)



From common spark plugs and X-shape spark plugs to prechamber spark plugs, «RS Motor» is able to supply any kind of spark plugs for any industrial gas engine.

«RS Motor» is completely able to supply spark plugs for natural gas engines, biogas engines, sewerage gas engines, “syntgas” engines, coal-mine gas engines….It does not matter the type of gas your engine consumes. Here we show you the top-sell spark plugs of the company as well as the spark plug cleaning kit which is necessary when you need/want to clean the spark plugs on DEUTZ, MWM, Jenbacher, Guascor engines, and many more brands.

In many power plants the use of Denso Spark plugs is so extended, as well as the use of Champion spark plugs or Beru spark plugs. These 3x brands of spark plugs are specially used on DEUTZ/MWM engines. For installing Beru, Denso or Champion spark plugs, «RS Motor» always use high quality leads/ignition cables from MotortechRS Motor» is the sole and Official Distributor of Motortech products for Spain and Portugal since 2013). In case of GUASCOR gas engines, the use of Denso spark plugs is so extended as well as in case of DEUTZ/MWM engines.

About Jenbacher engines, «RS Motor» offers genuine spark plugs directly purchased from Jenbacher with competitive prices. Customers all over the world trust in «RS Motor» for supplying spark plugs for their Jenbacher gas engines type, 2, type 3, type 4 or type 6.

In case of pre-chamber spark plugs, «RS Motor» can help to many customers as well. If you need prechamber spark plugs for your DEUTZ/MWM engine (TCG2016, TCG2020, TCG2032…), please ask to «RS Motor» for price and availability.

Don’t forget, if you need spark plugs or you are looking for some alternatives, ask to «RS Motor» for price and availability. Our specialized sales team can recommend you different types of spark plugs depending on the running conditions and the type of gas of your engine.


Also if you have a Cummins gas engine, CAT gas engine or in case of having an engine of a different brand, please, ask to «RS Motor» for spark plugs anyway, we are sure we can help to you.

Trade of gas engines spare parts



RS MOTOR as specialist on the trade of gas engines spare parts and on the gas engine maintenance, recommends the use of high quality industrial spark plugs. We have a wide range of spark plugs adapted to each engine and gas (Natural Gas, Biogas, Special Gases…)

On J-shape spark plugs, we trade specially with DENSO spark plugs, CHAMPIONS spark plugs and BERU spark plugs. To gas engines:

  • MWM TCG2016,
  • MWM TBG616,
  • MWM TCG2020 and
  • MWM TBG620

running with biogas, we recommend the use of the spark plugs DENSO GL3-5.

To gas engines:

  • Guascor FGLD180,
  • Guascor FGLD240,
  • Guascor FGLD360 and
  • Guascor FGLD480,

we recommend DENSO GI3-3 spark plugs.

Combining the use of this spark plugs with a proper maintenance, checking the high tensión lead voltaje with the Spark View from MOTORTECH and a periodic cleaning with the Spark Plug Cleaning Kit from MOTORTECH the cycles of the spark plug will be even longer.