«RS Motor» the best alternative to any official brand on gas and diesel engines

Apart from DEUTZ/MWM (CAT) engines, Jenbacher engines and Guascor engines, «RS Motor» is the best alternative to any official engine brand.

In this occasion, we show you how our team refurbish a cylinder head of a Rolls Royce engine.

The main steps are the same than the ones we usually perform on different types of cylinder heads. As a consequence, the result is also successful. Thanks to this, many customers trust on «RS Motor» for refurbishing their cylinder heads whatever the engine brand they have installed in the Power Plant.

As in this post we show you a cylinder head from a Rolls Royce engine, we are proud to say to you that we are able to sell ignition cables, coils and other electronic parts for this brand of engine with competitive prices. Motortech is one of the most specialist companies of the world offering products for Rolls Royce engines. So as we are Official Distributors of Motortech products for Spain and Portugal, we are the best option for selling spare parts to your engine.

Do not hesitate! Send to our facilities or workshop the engine parts you need to refurbish or repair. Our team will do the best to accomplish your aims.

Also don’t forget to ask for price and delivery time of Motortech products, Heinzmann products or AVAT products. We are sure that you will be not able to find better prices on the market!


Refurbishment of cylinder heads DEUTZ/MWM/CAT TBG632/TCG2032/CG-260


Cylinder heads are one of the most important parts of the engines. As a consequence, a good status of them is mandatory in order to keep the engine running and producing as much as possible.

For this reason, «RS Motor» has in Porriño, Vigo a warehouse with all necessary elements for performing a good refurbishment of cylinder heads. In this case, we are going to show the reconditioning process of cylinder heads for gas engines DEUTZ/MWM TBG632/TCG2032, known also as CAT CG 260-16.

So now, like in previous posts, we are going to explain how we carry out the refurbishment of DEUTZ/MWM cylinder heads:

  1. Reception.
  2. Complete disassembly.
  3. Cleaning by using an ultrasonic cleaning machine.
  4. Test to check absence of cracks.
  5. Renew of gaskets and other parts (valves, seats, rotocaps, valve guides, etc.).
  6. Assembly of the cylinder head.
  7. Hydraulic test.
  8. Primer and painting.
  9. Packaging and shipment.

Apart of the refurbishment of cylinder heads, «RS Motor» can supply both exchange cylinder heads (previously refurbished) and new cylinder heads. These options give an optimum quality/price ratio and also allow to shorten the downtime if the customer does not have any refurbished part in its power plant.

«RS Motor» has always in stock and ready to be installed, cylinder heads for DEUTZ/MWM gas engines TBG/TCG 616/2016/620/2020/632/2032/2015… and for diesel engines DEUTZ TBD620/645.

As «RS Motor» has hired more than 200 cogeneration gas and diesel engines, the response to unexpected events/failures is fast, efficient and reliable.


Precio filtros motores de gas y diesel


Jenbacher gas engines, since 2011


specialist in Jenbacher gas engines especialistas en motores de gas Jenbacher

Jenbacher engines are one of the main business of ««RS Motor»». Trading with genuine and/or OEM parts and carrying out Service (preventive/corrective maintenance, repairs, refurbishments…) for these type of engines, allow to «RS Motor» to be the best alternative to the official brand Jenbacher since 2011.

Our customers from Spain, Portugal, and the rest of the world can confirm the efficiency of «RS Motor».

Moreover, the three brands we represent (AVAT, Heinzmann and Motortech) offer some of the best quality OEM products for Jenbacher engines. From ignition cables to actuators, and of course the innovative open and flexible solution of the DIA.NE replacement developed by AVAT (E²CON-GE), give to «RS Motor» the best knowledge available on the current cogeneration market.

On the other hand, we show you our new section in our webpage www.rsmotor.es/eng. This section presents the engines we have available. There are Jenbacher engines, MWM engines, and we hope in the future include much more brands.

Don’t forget!, If you have one of more of the following Jenbacher gas engines:

  • Jenbacher J208,
  • Jenbacher J212,
  • Jenbacher J312,
  • Jenbacher J316,
  • Jenbacher J320,
  • Jenbacher J412,
  • Jenbacher J416,
  • Jenbacher J420,
  • Jenbacher J612,
  • Jenbacher J616,
  • Jenbacher J620,

and you need parts, service, a whole engine, repair of parts like intercoolers, pumps, starters…do not hesitate to contact us!!!