Supplier code of practice

Our challenge is to find potential suppliers who can offer products and services in keeping with our triple-fold commitment: quality, environment and customer satisfaction. The criteria regulating our interaction procedures aims to ensure quality and reliability in our component purchases, while guaranteeing proper management of other areas, like protection of the environment, which also involve suppliers.

Our supplier code of practice aims to:

  • build strong relationships with suppliers who provide excellent performance, price, service and quality, in the context of a “right first time” and “zero defects” culture, to ensure our customers’ full satisfaction;
  • provide supplies at the lowest total cost, which includes the price of the component plus the additional costs of quality, innovation and service in connection to the required performance of the purchased product;
  • involve our chain of suppliers in the RS Motor Environmental Management System to reduce the environmental impact of every work task carried out at their production plants;
  • build relationships with suppliers based on the honesty and reliability in a two-way communication.

Our company is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 approved, which ensures yearly assessment of our approved suppliers. Every contracted product and service is inspected yearly by our area manager, as per the requirements of quality, documentation, delivery times, incidents number of orders and environmental impact.