Spare Parts for Deutz/MWM Engines

Spare parts Deutz/MWN

Since its creation in 2008, RS Motor is a company specialized in the supply of spare parts for industrial cogeneration engines DEUTZ/MWM.

RS Motor is currently present in more than 50 countries, always selling original or OEM spare parts with the best quality available on the market.

Catalog of original and OEM spare parts for DEUTZ/MWM engines

The supply of spare parts for DEUTZ/MWM gas engines has been one of RS Motor’s main activities since its creation. Nowadays, RS Motor is considered by many as the best alternative to the DEUTZ/MWM official manufacturer, thanks to the ability to supply original or OEM spare parts at very competitive prices in a delivery time difficult to match.

Our large stock offers customers a wide catalog of carefully studied references in order to supply the high qualities required. To sum up, at RS Motor you can find the following spare parts for any DEUTZ/MWM engine:

  • Cylinder head DEUTZ/MWM
  • Refurbished cylinder head DEUTZ/MWM
  • Cylinder head repair kit DEUTZ/MWM
  • Piston DEUTZ/MWM
  • Cylinder liner DEUTZ/MWM
  • Gasket set DEUTZ/MWM
  • Bearing DEUTZ/MWM
  • Valve DEUTZ/MWM
  • Shortblock DEUTZ/MWM
  • Longblock DEUTZ/MWM
  • Actuator DEUTZ/MWM
  • Starter DEUTZ/MWM
  • Connecting rod DEUTZ/MWM
  • Intercooler DEUTZ/MWM
  • Oil pump DEUTZ/MWM
  • Camshaft DEUTZ/MWM
  • Crankshaft new or used DEUTZ/MWM
  • And many more spare parts….

The above spare parts can be found for the most common DEUTZ/MWM engine models that RS Motor usually works on.

Expendables (consumables) for DEUTZ/MWM engines

The quality of consumables/ expendables for gas and diesel engines is one of the most important requirements for a proper engine performance. For this reason, RS Motor sells and installs the best quality consumable/expendable elements in its engines.

Within our wide catalog of consumable elements for DEUTZ/MWM engines, we offer both genuine and/or OEM options:

  • Oil filter DEUTZ/MWM
  • Air filter DEUTZ/MWM
  • UPF filter DEUTZ/MWM
  • Fine filter CJC DEUTZ/MWM
  • Fuel filter DEUTZ/MWM
  • Spark plug DEUTZ/MWM
  • Prechamber spark plug DEUTZ/MWM
  • Ignition cable DEUTZ/MWM

The consumables/ expendables you need are available for any of the most common DEUTZ/MWM engine models that RS Motor usually works on. In case of other types of engines, our extensive network of international contacts enables us to also attend to the needs of our customers.

Most common DEUTZ/MWM engine models in which RS Motor is specialist

At present, RS Motor is specialist in the supply of spare parts, supply of consumables/expendables and performing service on the DEUTZ / MWM engines shown below.

Our large warehouse allows us to comply with any urgent supply in the event of unscheduled engine shutdowns, thus allowing our customers to have higher operating percentages at the end of the year.

Deutz MWM
TBD616V8 TCG2032V12 TBG616V8
TBD616V12 TCG2032V16 TBG616V12
TBD616V16 TBG620V20 TBG616V16
TBD620V12 TBG632V12 TBG620V12
TBD620V16 TBG632V16 TBG620V16
TBD645L6 TCG2016V8 TBG620V20
TBD645L8 TCG2016V12 TBG632V12
TBD645L9 TCG2016V16 TBG632V16
S/BVM640 TCG2020V12 TCG2016V8
S/BVM628 TCG2020V16 TCG2016V12
TBG616V8 TCG2020V20 TCG2016V16
TBG616V12 TCG2032V12 TCG2020V12
TBG616V16 TCG2032V16 TCG2020V16
TBG620V12 CAT CG132-8 TCG2020V20
TBG620V16 CAT CG132-12 TCG2032V12
TBG620V20 CAT CG132-16 TCG2032V16
TBG632V12 CAT CG170-12 CAT CG132-8
TBG632V16 CAT CG170-16 CAT CG132-12
TCG2016V8 CAT CG170-20 CAT CG132-16
TCG2016V12 CAT CG260-12 CAT CG170-12
TCG2016V16 CAT CG260-16 CAT CG170-16
TCG2020V12 CAT CG170-20
TCG2020V16 CAT CG260-12
TCG2020V20 CAT CG260-16

Are you looking for original spare parts for DEUTZ MWM industrial engines? At RS Motor we are specialists in the repair of DEUTZ/MWM engines and in sales of original parts for this equipment.

If you need genuine or OEM spare parts for your DEUTZ/MWM engine, please call or write to RS Motor ( Our specialized sales team can recommend different types of spare parts depending on the operating conditions and the model of your engine.