Spare parts for engines

Spare parts for engines

Since its foundation in 2008, RS Motor is a company specialized in supplying spare parts for industrial and marine cogeneration engines.

Find in RS Motor all common spare parts for industrial gas or diesel engines.

The supply of spare parts for industrial gas or diesel engines has been one of RS Motor’s main lines of business since its creation. Nowadays, RS Motor is considered as the best alternative to the engine manufacturer, thanks to the fact that we are able to supply original or OEM spare parts at very competitive prices in a delivery time difficult to match.

The main engine brands in which RS Motor is a specialist are DEUTZ, MWM, Jenbacher and Guascor. In addition, given the wide variety of models and brands on the market, there is also a competitive option to carry out spare parts supplies to engines from other brands.

Moreover, as AVAT, Motortech and Heinzmann are our partners, we can offer you the best prices for the parts of these brands (Motortech and Heinzmann only for Spain and Portugal).

Spare parts for cylinder heads

RS Motor has the ability to offer any Genuine and/or OEM cylinder head component. The main elements that make up the cylinder heads are: intake valves, exhaust valves, intake seats, exhaust seats, guides, O-rings, sleeves, rotocaps, springs…

Exchange elements

RS Motor’s extensive stock and years of experience in the industrial field, mean that RS Motor has many critical elements ready to be exchanged and thus be able to minimize parts delivery times and engine downtime. The most common exchange items we usually have in stock are: exchange shortblocks, exchange longblocks, exchange cylinder heads, exchange intercoolers, exchange starters, exchange actuators, exchange oil pumps, exchange gas mixing valves.

The exchange parts can be supplied previously reconditioned or without reconditioning, leaving this decision as the responsibility of the customer.

Spark plugs

From conventional spark plugs and “X-shape” spark plugs to pre-chamber spark plugs, RS Motor supplies any type of spark plug for any type of gas engine.

For several years, RS Motor has supplied its customers with spark plugs regardless of the type of gas the engine operates on.

The use of Denso spark plugs, Champion spark plugs or Beru spark plugs is currently widespread, although, if the customer requires genuine spark plugs, RS Motor offers them directly from the manufacturer at very competitive prices.

Ignition cables

When Beru, Denso or Champion spark plugs are installed, RS Motor always uses high quality cables/ignition cables from Motortech (RS Motor is the official distributor of Motortech products for Spain and Portugal since 2013).

Obviously, we also offer the possibility of installing genuine cables at very competitive prices.


The piston is one of the most important part to ensure proper engine operation. That is why RS Motor has the ability to supply either genuine or OEM pistons, in order to give a guarantee of proper operation and avoid unscheduled stops.

Cylinder liners

The same thing happens with cylinder liners as with pistons. RS Motor supplies and installs either OEM or original cylinder liners for any brand of industrial gas or diesel engine, although we are specialists in DEUTZ, MWM, Jenbacher and Guascor.

Main bearings and connecting rod bearings

The main bearings and the connecting rod bearings that RS Motor supplies, are also genuine/OEM in order to guarantee the correct operation of our customers’ industrial engine wherever their engine is.

Oil pumps

A good lubrication is vital to avoid shortening the life of an engine. Apart from new oil pumps in stock, RS Motor has the possibility to offer exchange oil pumps to its customers in order to shorten the downtime of the engine.

Gasket sets

There are several types of gasket sets which RS Motor supplies genuine and/or OEM. The most common are: Cylinder head gasket sets, oil cooler gasket sets, gasket sets for mounting turbochargers…

Oil filters

The quality of oil filters for both gas and diesel engines, is one of the most important requirements for proper engine performance. For this reason, RS Motor sells and installs the best quality oil filters in its engines.

It is well known that the best OEM filter manufacturers are MANN FILTER, Mahle, Donaldson…, therefore thousands of customers around the world trust RS Motor when they need oil filters for their engines.

Air filters

As with oil filters, RS Motor’s policy for air filters is the same. Apart from genuine filters from the engine manufacturer, RS Motor works with the best OEM brands on the market such as MANN FILTER, Mahle and Donaldson.

Control elements

A proper control of the engine is essential to try to make its operation as stable as possible. For this, many of our Partners offer RS Motor, a lot of solutions that other world-class companies cannot offer. In this section, we highlight AVAT (developer of TEM-Evo), Motortech (ignition cables, coils, spark plugs …) and Heinzmann (actuators, cables …).


Usually the intercooler of an engine is not in good condition due to the quality of the gas that the industrial engine consumes, or due to the action of time. The supply of new, reconditioned, OEM or genuine intercoolers is another part of the engine that RS Motor usually has in stock ready to be supplied either immediately or almost immediately.


Thanks to Heinzmann, RS Motor has extensive experience in the supply and sale of actuators, also commonly referred to as speed governors. For this, we usually offer this type of genuine or OEM product depending on the destination of this control part.

Are you looking for original spare parts for industrial engines?. Find them at RS Motor.

Don’t forget, if you need genuine or OEM spare parts for your engine, call or write RS Motor. Our specialized sales team can recommend different types of spare parts depending on the operating conditions and the type of your engine.

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