Air/Fuel Ratio Control Systems

In many countries of the world, alternative fuels like bio gases have taken over to become a major source for electricity production with gas engines. Due to the constantly changing of their quality, the demand for more sophisticated Air/Gas mixing equipment has increased. To avoid these quality fluctuations, RS Motor offers its customers air/fuel ratio control systems with electronic controls and throttle valves to control gas engines in a more sophisticated way.

EmCon5 Lean-Burn Emission Controller


The EmCon5 is a lean-burn emission controller for gas engine co-generation units. It is designed to control the exhaust gas emission levels based on indirect measurements. Simply three input signals are required for the control purpose: manifold inlet pressure and temperature and engine load. A CH4 input signal is optional. Use of an oxygen sensor is not required.
Following initial measurements of the engine emission levels and successful analysis, the EmCon5 guarantees optimal operation of the gas engine at the predefined emission limits.
All controller parameters are freely programmable.

VariFuel2 Air/Gas Mixers


VariFuel2 is a high-tech variable Venturi type air/gas mixer that can constantly adjust to any fuel changes and allows the engine to operate at its most efficient point. Series 100, 140, 200, 250, 300 and 350 are available for engines with an air requirement up to 12.000 m3/h. Coupled to an air/fuel ratio controller, lean-burn or stoichiometric, it precisely regulates the mixture. The VariFuel2 is very popular for applications with constant changes in calorific value of fuel.
VariFuel2 air/gas mixers are equipped with a high precision stepper motor which is extremely precisely actuated by the VariStep3 stepper motor driver. Different flow bodies and variable gas inlet and mixture outlet configurations allow flexible adaptation of the gas mixer to the respective application
The Varifuel2 and VariFuel2 + air / gas mixers are suitable for a wide range of gas types (natural gas, biogas, sewage gas, coal mine gas, Syntgas…).

ITB Throttle Bodies with Integrated Stepper Motor


Within a speed control system, a throttle body is used to regulate the supply of the gas/air mixture and thus the speed and power of a gas engine.
The ITB throttle bodies are equipped with an integrated stepper motor, which eliminates the use for an external actuator. The stepper motor is extremely precisely actuated by the VariStep3 stepper motor driver in combination with the SC100 speed controller.

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Our current market is global. In this case, as RS Motor is the official Motortech distributor only for Spain and Portugal, we only supply mixture control equipment to these countries.
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