Spark plugs by leading manufacturers and our own developments in the field provide high performance and cost efficient service. MOTORTECH is official distributor for:

  • DENSO®
  • BERU®

Accessories and tools for spark plugs

  • Spark plug washers: Quality washers are included at every spark plug change to ensure they are proper assemblage.
  • Spark plug cleaner: Motortech offers an effective and efficient solution for spark plug cleaning. The electrode area is carefully cleaned by blasting with abrasive.
  • SparkView is a portable system that monitors the required voltage to ignite spark plugs with a running engine. Clamp measurement around the ignition cable allows detection of high ignition voltage, which would show poor spark plug condition.


Encendido y kits de conversión

Ignition systems

Pre-assembled, factory-tested ignition systems that provide quick and easy on-site assembly.

Bujías industriales y accesorios

Spark plugs and accessories

Supplies for DENSO, CHAMPION and BERU spark plugs, together with a full range of accessories to clean, test and keep spark plugs in perfect working order.

Control y manejo del motor de gas

Gas engine management

All-in-one system to manage gas engines and their components and to manage the combined heat and power facility (CHP) itself.

Sistemas de cableado

Wiring systems

MOTORTECH ignition cables and rails are compatible with almost all gas engines.

Regulación de mezcla

Mixing control

Motortech offers a wide range of our own solutions for emission control and advanced mixture regulation.

Motores de gas y accesorios generales


Motortech carries specific solutions for exhaust catalysts, capable of adapting emissions from gas engines to the most recent legal standards.