Systems for the control and the management of industrial gas engines

MOTORTECH systems for the control and management of gas engines

Systems for the control and the management of industrial gas engines.
The systems for the control and management of industrial gas engines made by the Motortech company, allow various types of control or management of either a generator set or a CHP unit.
Motortech systems make it possible to implement all the control of one group or even several groups, in the same system, making costs considerably lower.


Motortech systems for complete control and management of industrial engines

Under the name ALL-IN-ONE, RS Motor has the ability to both supply and install management control systems for the engine itself or the CHP module.

Features of the Motortech ALL-IN-ONE

  • All the necessary functions to control the motor or the CHP module are included in the same kit.
  • Individually configurable to exactly suit customer needs.
  • Possibility of monitoring, control, regulation and protection of the installation.
  • Possibility of remote data transmission.
  • Wide range of possibilities for maintenance optimization
  • Genset performance log for easy fault or breakdown tracking.


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Detonation control system Motortech

This Motortech system has the name DetCon20. Its implementation makes it possible to control engine detonations and, in addition, it is optimal in terms of its installation on engines that consume gases with fluctuations in their quality.

Characteristics of the Motortech DetCon

  • Prevents the engine damage due to knocking.
  • Frequency range of knock sensors: 1-20 kHz.
  • Easy installation and configuration through the USB interface.
  • DenEdit software for viewing and adjusting firing sequences, actual detonation values, or detonation history with long-term data.
  • Available as an integrated device for a control cabinet or in a CSA-certified housing.
  • DIN rail mounting.
  • Supply voltage: 9 – 36 VDC.
  • It can also be used in “dual fuel” and bi-fuel engines.
  • Protection class: IP 20.


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Mortortech temperature module

The temperature module, also called TempScan developed by MOTOTECH, measures temperatures in the engine and submits them for evaluation. For this purpose, thermocouples Type J/K and PT 100/1000 are used.

Features and characteristics of the Motortech TempScan

  • Channels are independently configurable as Type B, E, J, K, N, R, S or T thermocouples.
  • Temperature information can include: Exhaust temperature, Winding temperature, Fluid temperature…
  • No additional programming or configuration required.
  • Integral diagnostics determine thermocouple integrity.
  • All channels are fully isolated from the CAN line and from the power supply.
  • The temperature module features rugged packaging and watertight connectors for an IP67 rating.


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Encendido y kits de conversión

Ignition systems

Pre-assembled and factory-tested ignition systems provide simple and fast plant assembly.

Bujías industriales y accesorios

Spark plugs and accessories

Supply of DENSO, CHAMPION or BERU spark plugs and a wide variety of accessories for spark plug cleaning, testing and maintenance.

Control y manejo del motor de gas

Gas engine management

ALL-IN-ONE system for the management of the gas engine components and the CHP plant itself.

Sistemas de cableado

Wiring systems

MOTORTECH ignition cables and rails are compatible with almost all gas engines.

Regulación de mezcla

Mixing regulation

MOTORTECH offers a wide range of proprietary solutions for advanced mixture and emission control.

Motores de gas y accesorios generales


In order to regulate the emissions of gas engines to the new emission standards. MOTORTECH distributes ad hoc solutions for exhaust catalytic converters.