Catalysts for industrial engines

The increase in the requirements in terms of exhaust gas emissions, sometimes makes it necessary to implement technologies for treating them. Catalysts play a very important role in reducing harmful parameters in emissions, which help to comply with legal limits, contributing to the protection of the environment.
The catalysts supplied by RS Motor are expressly designed and manufactured for the requirements of each plant, guaranteeing a reduction in emission parameters and compliance with the minimum limits required by the laws of each country.

Characteristics of the catalysts supplied by RS Motor

The main characteristics of the catalysts supplied by RS Motor are that they are designed and built taking into consideration the specific needs of each plant. The types of catalysts that RS Motor can sell are highlighted below:
– SCR catalyst (Selective Catalytic Reduction): It is the best way for reducing nitrogen oxide emissions.
– Biogas catalyst: Suitable to reduce formaldehyde emissions. They are made up of removable housings, in order to allow the catalyst element to be changed in a few minutes.
– Oxidation catalysts: designed to install on lean-burn engines. Oxidation catalysts reduce polluting emissions of carbon monoxide (CO) and unburned hydrocarbons (HC), such as formaldehyde, which would otherwise enter the environment.


Advantages of using catalysts

The greatest advantage of the installation of catalysts in an industrial cogeneration engine lies in the compliance with the increasingly restrictive laws of harmful gas emissions.
The catalysts supplied by RS Motor ensure that the performance of the engine does not diminish. Consequently, the economic profitability of the plant will not be affected with the passage of time.
The simple maintenance of these equipments allows any plant operator to monitor their status.


Engine brands compatible with the installation of catalysts

Any brand or model of engine is compatible with the catalysts supplied by RS Motor. We stand out in the supply and installation of catalysts on DEUTZ/MWM (CAT), Jenbacher and/or Guascor engines.
Anyway, we can help you if your engine is from another brand: MAN, MTU, Caterpillar, Doosan, Cummins …


¿Why choose RS Motor?

Our customers trust RS Motor for several reasons, among which we highlight below the most important:
– Competitive price.
– Personalized technical advice.
– Direct communication channel with the equipment manufacturer.
– Experience acquired over the years.
– Numerous successful projects carried out on DEUTZ/MWM (CAT) and Jenbacher engines.

Countries to which we supply catalysts

Our current market is global. We have the technical capacity to design a catalyst whatever your engine is. The only thing we need is to know the emission limit set by your country in order to offer you the most suitable equipment.
The customers with whom we usually work, know first-hand the efficiency and personalized treatment that we give in case of technical or other doubts that may arise.

Request a quote from RS Motor if you need a catalyst for your engine

RS Motor is one of the few companies in the world with the capacity to supply and implement state-of-the-art catalysts, regardless of the type of gas consumed by the engine on which you wish to install it.
Do not hesitate to contact RS Motor if you decide to install a catalyst in your engine. We are at your entire disposal to help you in the best possible way.

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