Repair of Guascor gas engines

Reparación motores de gas Guascor

Repair of Guascor gas engines

Since many years ago, RS Motor has carried out work on more than 20-30 Guascor gas engines that run with several different types of gases: (natural gas, special gases, biogas, sewage gas, landfill gas) …

RS Motor is a specialist on service and sales of spare parts for Guascor gas engines.

Guascor gas engine maintenance and service

Both maintenance and technical service, and the sale of spare parts for Guascor gas engines is one of the main activities of RS Motor today.

The commercialization of genuine and/or OEM spare parts for Guascor engines is one of the strengths of RS Motor. Our wide network of contacts means that we have competitive prices for the sale of Guascor spare parts to any country in the world without restrictions.

RS Motor has the ability to supply any of the critical parts in the maintenance of any 6-cylinder, 12-cylinder or 16-cylinder Guascor gas engine.

Our clients trust RS Motor to carry out both corrective and preventive maintenance on their Guascor engines. At this point, reconditioned parts are an important factor in reducing plant downtime as much as possible (we have, for example, Guascor cylinder heads in our facilities ready to be reconditioned and supplied). This allows us to repair any failure in the engine as soon as possible, avoiding large investments of time and money. The use of reconditioned spare parts is very widespread, especially in major preventive maintenances (R3, R2 and/or R1).

Everything explained above means that RS Motor can be considered the best alternative to the manufacturer Guascor.

Preventive maintenance of Guascor engines

RS Motor is known worldwide as the best alternative to the engine manufacturer, in this case Guascor. A considerable stock of consumable items, as well as the ability to get any critical part in a time of approximately 1-2 weeks…, allow RS Motor to have its own technical service for preventive maintenance of gas engines.

Our engineers are perfectly capable of performing both major maintenances (Overhaul) and minor maintenances. These minor preventive maintenances are always performed at the customer’s plant. In the case of Overhauls, RS Motor offers the customer 2 different options: The first is to carry it out at RS Motor, while the second is to carry it out “on site”.

Corrective maintenance of Guascor engines

Corrective maintenance on Guascor gas engines is carried out when an unscheduled stop occurs in the engine, which may be due to multiple causes or factors (sometimes with critical consequences, and others without consequences). As a consequence, our response must be as fast and reliable as possible. In these cases, the works are adapted to the damage of the engine to get it running as soon as possible.

Normally, RS Motor is able to assist the customer’s plant within 24-48h from the notification.

Retrofit of Guascor engines

RS Motor recently carried out an update and improvement of the safety system of a Guascor FGLD-240 engine, which operates with sewage gas.

The aforementioned improvement consists of the installation of combustion chamber thermocouples, in order to always know the temperature inside the cylinders whenever necessary. Thanks to this, its safety is reinforced, preventing it from being damaged by very high temperatures.

List of Guascor engines we usually work on

Guascor gas engines (labor and supply of spare parts), is one of the main activities of RS Motor today. Next, we show you a list of the most common Guascor engines for us:


  • FG 180 6L
  • FGLD 180 6L
  • SFGLD 180 LL
  • FG 240 8L
  • FGLD 240 8L
  • SFGLD 240 8L
  • HGM 240 8L
  • FGLD 360 12V
  • SFGLD 360 12V
  • FGLD 480 16V
  • SFGLD 480 16V
  • SFGLD 560 16V
  • SFGM 560 16V
  • HGM 560 16V