Large experience selling GUASCOR spare parts and Service “on-site” and in the workshop of RS Motor.

This time we show you some of original spare parts we use for install on GUASCOR engines:

  • cylinder head gasket set,
  • cylinder head reconditioning kit,
  • rotary shaft lip seal,
  • oil filter,
  • water pump sealing kit,
  • piston rings set,
  • cylinder liner,
  • Denso spark plugs,
  • and many more…

«RS Motor» sells worldwide original spare parts for GUASCOR engines when customers ask for a quotation. In many cases, this is not enough so we go to the customer’s Power Plant in order to install them, or we install them if the engine of the customer comes to the workshop of «RS Motor».

Our large experience with this kind of engines allows us to accomplish any challenge with them. From small maintenances (E type) to big maintenances (R type) the quality of our labor is always the best.

For GUASCOR engines, the star product «RS Motor» is selling are the DENSO spark plugs. We are selling them worldwide and also, we use them when we make the service on the engines we have hired for both short and long time.

So if you want original spare parts and Service with a quality like the engine manufacturer offers, choose «RS Motor»!. Our team of engineers will not disappoint you.

In many cases we exceed the engine availability in comparison with the availability that the engine manufacturer gives.

Trust in «RS Motor» if you have any GUASCOR engine, we are sure that you will repeat!!!

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