Refurbishment of cylinder heads DEUTZ/MWM/CAT TBG632/TCG2032/CG-260


Cylinder heads are one of the most important parts of the engines. As a consequence, a good status of them is mandatory in order to keep the engine running and producing as much as possible.

For this reason, «RS Motor» has in Porriño, Vigo a warehouse with all necessary elements for performing a good refurbishment of cylinder heads. In this case, we are going to show the reconditioning process of cylinder heads for gas engines DEUTZ/MWM TBG632/TCG2032, known also as CAT CG 260-16.

So now, like in previous posts, we are going to explain how we carry out the refurbishment of DEUTZ/MWM cylinder heads:

  1. Reception.
  2. Complete disassembly.
  3. Cleaning by using an ultrasonic cleaning machine.
  4. Test to check absence of cracks.
  5. Renew of gaskets and other parts (valves, seats, rotocaps, valve guides, etc.).
  6. Assembly of the cylinder head.
  7. Hydraulic test.
  8. Primer and painting.
  9. Packaging and shipment.

Apart of the refurbishment of cylinder heads, «RS Motor» can supply both exchange cylinder heads (previously refurbished) and new cylinder heads. These options give an optimum quality/price ratio and also allow to shorten the downtime if the customer does not have any refurbished part in its power plant.

«RS Motor» has always in stock and ready to be installed, cylinder heads for DEUTZ/MWM gas engines TBG/TCG 616/2016/620/2020/632/2032/2015… and for diesel engines DEUTZ TBD620/645.

As «RS Motor» has hired more than 200 cogeneration gas and diesel engines, the response to unexpected events/failures is fast, efficient and reliable.


Precio filtros motores de gas y diesel


Engine Overhaul of 2x diesel marine engines DEUTZ TBD620V12


Today we show you a beautiful project carried out two years ago in «RS Motor». Our specialized engineers and technicians performed 2x engine Overhauls on 2x DEUTZ TBD620V12. Both engines are not cogeneration engines, they are marine engines (port & starboard main engines).

Once we received both engines in our own workshop, we dismounted them until getting naked blocks. Then, after a deep cleaning process, we checked that the crankshaft and engine block were OK for being refurbished again.

After that, we reconditioned all engine parts like intercoolers, water pumps, oil pumps, con-rods, fuel injection pumps, plate heat exchangers,…

When everything was installed on the engine and we finished the assembling of it, we went to the vessel in order to carry out the commissioning and the sea trial under the supervision of marine surveyors.

What was the result?. Well, as usually, everything was successful so the customer was happy with «RS Motor» and, as a consequence, that customer still trust on the experience of our company.

The vessel is still sailoring in 2020, thanks to the knowledge of «RS Motor» and also, thanks to the use of OEM and genuine DEUTZ/MWM spare parts.

We hope you enjoy with all pictures, see you next week with another post!!!

DEUTZ/MWM gas and diesel engines, the main business


Since the creation of ««RS Motor»» in 2008, the company is mainly specialized on DEUTZ/MWM engines thanks to the large experience of the founders.

DEUTZ/MWM engine Service, and supply of parts for them, are the main activity of «RS Motor».


«RS Motor» is specialized on the sales of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and Genuine parts for DEUTZ/MWM gas and diesel engines. Trading with OEM parts allow us to be more competitive with exactly the same parts commercialized with the MWM´s packaging.


Essential to give an immediate response to any of our customers. «RS Motor» has all critical parts in the maintenance of a DEUTZ/MWM TCG or TBG engine stocked.

  • OVERHAUL TBG632/TCG2032: 70 % parts stocked/rest in 10 days.
  • OVERHAUL TBG620/TCG2020: 85 % parts stocked/rest in 10 days.
  • OVERHAUL TBG616/TCG2016: 90% parts stocked, rest in 10 days.


Service in more than 150 DEUTZ/MWM engines and growing. Our customers trust in «RS Motor» to carry out preventive maintenances and corrective maintenances. Refurbished parts/elements are the key to shorten the “stop time”. «RS Motor» is able to refurbish some engine elements and has a large stock of them. This allow us to repair any failure on the engine immediately avoiding long stop times and high investments. The use of reconditioned elements, is also common on major maintenances (Overhaul, E60 and/or E50).

IN CONCLUSION: Large experience, use of OEM and GENUINE parts, and a broad stock, allow «RS Motor» to be the best alternative to the engine manufacturer.

Daily refurbishments and repairs in RS Motor


This week we show you few examples of different refurbishments and repairs. As you can see in the pictures, «RS Motor» is able to repair and refurbish spare parts and engine parts of DEUTZ/MWM, Jenbacher and Guascor engines.

As we have shown you many times, in our own workshop of more than 750 m2 and thanks to the specific equipment, the quality of all repairs and refurbishments is unbeatable.

The «RS Motor» team is able to carry out at the same time different labors in also different engines. The most common engines we Overhaul in our facilities are:

  • Deutz/MWM TBG616/TCG2016,
  • Deutz/MWM TBG620/TCG2020,
  • Deutz/MWM TBG632/TCG2032,
  • Deutz TBD616/TBD620,
  • Jenbacher type 3,
  • Jenbacher type 4,
  • Jenbacher type 6,
  • Guascor FG, FGLD, SFGLD, HGM, SFGM ….

whatever the number of cylinders.

Every passing day «RS Motor» is improving the quality of the labor thanks to the continuous formation of our specialized technicians and engineers.

Our team is composed by highly qualified workshop technicians, field engineers, field technicians…All of them with several years of experience. Every technician or engineer of «RS Motor»r uses always original spare parts (genuine and/or OEM) purchased by the «RS Motor» technical buyers, who are always looking for the best quality products available in the market.

The final result is that, joining forces, the team of «RS Motor» results as the best alternative to the manufacturer of the engine.

Enjoy the pictures of some refurbishments in the workshop!!!

Refurbishment of different parts of DEUTZ/MWM engines


Our workshop is daily working on different refurbishments of parts for DEUTZ/MWM engines.

Today we show you the main steps to carry out an engine Overhaul on any DEUTZ/MWM engine in «RS Motor» (TBG616V8, TBG616V12, TBG616V16, TBG620V12, TBG620V16, TBG620V20, TBG632V12, TBG632V16, TCG2016V8, TCG2016V12, TCG2016V16, TCG2020V12, TCG2020V16, TCG2020V20, TCG2032V12 and TCG2032V16).

First step: Disassembly of parts until we leave the block completely naked

During disassembly, we separate the parts which will be refurbished from the ones which will be renewed.

reacondicionado motor mwm deutz Refurbishment of DEUTZ MWM engines

Second step: Cleaning of parts

This process is adapted for each part. For example, we use different cleaning methods depending on the part (Ultrasonic cleaning machine, pressurized water, sandblast, cleaning with specific detergents, and other special cleaning methods).

reacondicionado motor mwm deutz Refurbishment of DEUTZ MWM engines

Third step: Checking of each part

All parts are subjected to a rigorous exam and they are tested under strict criteria. So all of them are analyzed visually, mechanically and electronically (if necessary). One of the most used test is the hydraulic one.

reacondicionado motor mwm deutz Refurbishment of DEUTZ MWM engines

Fourth step: The refurbishment

This step is divided in many small phases. Each part is disassembled, cleaned, checked, and assembled again with new gaskets, seals, nuts, bolts, and other elements. Then they are submitted to various tests in order to guarantee that they accomplish our quality control.

reacondicionado motor mwm deutz Refurbishment of DEUTZ MWM engines

Fifth step: The mounting process/ installation of parts

Both new parts and refurbished parts are installed on the engine. During this, we are always checking that everything fits. In this step, RS Motor assembles each piece following the criteria of the engine manufacturer.

reacondicionado motor mwm deutz Refurbishment of DEUTZ MWM engines

Sixth and final step: Final checking and preparation for shipment

Once the engine is completely mounted, we perform a last strict essay and also we make a last visual checking before preparing everything for the shipment to the customer’s power plant.

reacondicionado motor mwm deutz Refurbishment of DEUTZ MWM engines

reacondicionado motor mwm deutz Refurbishment of DEUTZ MWM engines

Engine Overhaul “on-site”: MWM TCG2032V16

Second week of the year and «RS Motor» is already performing an engine Overhaul “on-site”. In this case, the engine is MWM TCG2032V16. The team of «RS Motor» estimates to finish this Overhaul in 2 weeks.

In order to finish all labor as soon as possible, our team is working hard. New main bearings, pistons, cylinder linersare installed directly in the power plant. Concerning the cylinder heads, con-rods, intercoolers, main oil pump… we sent them to our workshop in order to refurbish everything with specific tools.

Spare parts are always original (OEM or genuine). Thanks to this, we can guarantee the labor supporting us in terms of quality and an accurate execution.

Apart of the execution of this engine Overhaul “on-site”, the workshop team of «RS Motor» is also performing some refurbishments on cylinder heads for DEUTZ/MWM TBG616/TCG2016, TBG620/TCG2020… The wide stock of the warehouse of «RS Motor» allows to accomplish in a short time period any type of repair or maintenance. This is our daily work on our workshop (sometimes we refurbish cylinder heads, sometimes our team cleans intercoolers, sometimes we repair big piston seizures on engines, sometimes we clean flame arresters, repair starters, actuators, throttle valves, mixing valves, water pumps, exhaust gas heat exchangers, fuel pumps, injectors, oil pumps…).

We hope you enjoy with the pictures!.



Labor and spare parts sales on DEUTZ/MWM engines

As a specialized company in DEUTZ/MWM gas engines and DEUTZ diesel engines, we are proud to show to everybody some of the most beautiful pictures we have made during this year.

A good refurbishment of DEUTZ/MWM cylinder heads is vital to extend the life of the engine. For doing it, we always use OEM or genuine spare parts. The same happens with oil coolers, con-rods, intercoolers, and other parts of the engine.

Moreover, thanks to our experience, we can offer to the customer in a short delivery time assembled shortblocks/longblocks TBG620, TBG620K, TCG2020, TCG2020K, TCG616, TCG616K, TCG2016, TCG2016K… whatever the number of cylinders the engine of the customer has.

The shortblock/longblock (even engine) exchange program of RS Motor can reduce until 80-90% the execution time of the Overhaul.

Like in cylinder heads, the use of OEM or genuine spare parts is also conceived when we build DEUTZ/MWM shortblocks/longblocks/engines.

Apart of the previous engine models, we also are specialized in DEUTZ/MWM TBG632 and TCG2032. RS Motor is currently working on a power plant reopening in Spain. For doing that, the team of RS Motor is carrying out 4x E70 maintenances (Overhaul) “on-site” at the same time.

For such big project, we have refurbished in our workshop 64 cylinder heads, 64 cylinder jackets, we recontitioned 64x con-rods as well, and many more.

So if you want a quality repair with original parts and with the best quality, call RS Motor wherever your power plant is.

We are able to perform any labor in any DEUTZ/MWM engine using OEM and genuine parts in our full equipped workshop or “on-site” thanks to our experience and knowledge.

MOTORTECH Spark Plug Cleaning Kit


As the current Official Distributor of MOTORTECH products for Spain and Portugal, RS MOTOR shows on its website the “MOTORTECH Spark Plug Cleaning Kit”:

This MOTORTECH kit is supplied by RS MOTOR to clean the spark plugs on the DEUTZ, MWM, Jenbacher and Guascor engines.

The kit includes a wide variety of adapters for using with spark plugs of different metrics. RS MOTOR supplies these kits for DEUTZ, MWM, Jenbacher and Guascor engines, with Denso, Champion, Beru, Motortech … spark plugs installed. The kit can also be used in spark plugs of other brands without any problem, as long as they are without prechamber.

The MOTORTECH spark plug cleaning kit supplied by RS MOTOR, is easy to use and is completely manageable. It comes inside a briefcase that facilitates its transport and protects it at all times from bumps or dirt.

For more information, contact us at

If you want to get to know our “partner” MOTORTECH better, visit its website.