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Known as developer and manufacturer of the 1000-times built TEM-Evo control system for MWM gas engines, AVAT is the expert for reliable combustion control of large gas, dual fuel and CHP engines for sustainable and decentralized power generation with over 25 years`experience.

With the modular engine control system openECS, this German company based in Tübingen has gone one step further. As manufacturer and independent supplier and partner, AVAT offers individual control solutions, plug & run complete engine control systems and single control components. The system allows for highly dynamic multi-variable control of actuators, for knock and misfire detection and for cylinder pressure-based control. The company’s product range also includes solutions for predictive remote maintenance using widely available engine data.



E²CON-CHP: Engine & CHP control system

E²CON-CHP, based on openECS, is a complete control system for all types of engines and CHP modules. It keeps the engine operating safely at the limit of its mechanical performance, while seamlessly integrating it into the cogeneration plant or an entire network of plants.

Fitting engines and actuators

  • Premix, lean burn gas engines from MAN, MTU, Liebherr, etc.
  • 250 to 2000 kW output range.
  • 4 to 20 cylinders.
  • Biogas, natural gas or special gases


  • One control system for both the engine and the CHP modules.
  • Very fast and robust multi-variable closed-loop controller.
  • Rapid engine run-up to operating speed for a flexible operation.
  • Wastegate control for improved efficiency.
  • Grid protection.
  • Flexibly expandable and adaptable at all times.
  • Updates and spare parts available for many years.


E²CON-TE: DEUTZ/MWM retrofit

This engine management system is based on openECS, the only open and flexible system integration platform in the market. It has been designed as a risk-free conversion for replacing TEM-Evo controllers that were delivered as standard equipment on over 10,000 DEUTZ and MWM gas engines.

Fitting engines

  • DEUTZ / MWM gas engines types TBG 616, 620 and 632, including TCG 2016, 2020 and 2032.
  • 500 to 4500 kW output range.
  • 8 to 20 cylinders.
  • Biogas, natural gas or special gases.


  • Simple commissioning – TEM-Evo-trained service technicians can exchange the system themselves, commission it and adapt it the plant.
  • Risk-free update is achieved via a unique parameter converter.
  • Delivery of a complete scope-of-supply including circuit diagram, installation instructions, functional description, list of limit values and parameter descriptions.
  • Web interface to the AVAT E²PILOT workstation for direct insight onto the controller from any web-capable client.
  • Updates and spare parts available for many years.


E²CON-GE: Jenbacher retrofit

E²CON-GE is an openECS based tailor-made engine controller for Jenbacher gas engines, open to all types of expansion. With the E²CON-GE system upgrades are straightforward, while it continues to offer a wide variety of options for individual specifications.

Fitting engines and actuators

  • Jenbacher Type 3, 4, 6 gas engines.
  • 400 to 3,500 kW output range.
  • 12 to 20 cylinders.
  • Biogas, natural gas or special fuels.


  • A more flexible control system for performance-enhanced Jenbacher gas engines in the context of plant modernization.
  • More possibilities to change your engine settings.
  • Reliable knocking and misfire detection included.
  • Grid and generator protection.
  • Powerful built-in diagnostic and service tools.
  • Updates and spare parts available for many years.



E²CORE: Multi-Actuators-Control

The key strength of E²CORE lies in its multivariable control of the engine using all available actuating variables. The result is a combination of fastest possible reaction time to deviation with optimized efficiency, in compliance with the legal limits on emissions.


E²KNOCKCON: Structure-borne noise evaluation

Structure-borne noise pick-ups, commonly known as knock sensors have been used for many years to detect combustion knocking. However, significantly more information iscontained in these signals. E²KNOCKCON also individually detects misfires on the basis of combustion noise and relays the information directly to the engine controller.


E²PRECON: Cylinder pressure analysis

The chosen method to obtain precise characteristic values for combustion is measuring the pressure pattern in the cylinder.
E²PRECON computes power, peak pressure, knocking intensity and the temporal combustion pattern for every cylinder and every individual combustion event.




AVAT VPN ROUTERs are connected on-site to the engine controller, enabling secure data exchange via the Internet. After successful authentication, the routers connect to AVAT CONNECT and establish a secure VPN link. Access to the Internet can be provided either by the operator’s existing broadband network infrastructure or through a mobile device.


  • Optimized for AVAT openECS engine control systems and TEM-Evo.
  • Can be connected to any engine and industrial control systems.
  • Internet access via a network, WAN interface or modem (analogue, ISDN, mobile telephony up to 4G/LTE).
  • Secure connectivity via OpenVPN and integrated firewall.
  • Network availability greater than 99%.



AVAT CONNECT acts as a gateway to the engine for remote and predictive maintenance. Registered users can access the engines in the plants they provide maintenance services to in any spot worldwide via this server. Tasks can be performed remotely via a suitable service software tool, e.g. E²SERVICE. Comprehensive data and user management features can be custom-configured in line with task-based requirements at any time.


  • Simple configuration.
  • Central overview and task-based management of all users and devices, custom-configurable.
  • Customizable multi-client support with definable, user-specific rights.
  • Continuous condition monitoring of the entire engine pool.
  • Continuously updated engine output data.
  • Automatic generation of status and alarm messages.
  • High-performance data center in Germany, with redundant connectivity.



E²SERVICE is the perfect tool to handle any challenge during engine development, test bed operation, commissioning, maintenance, troubleshooting or simply in daily operation. The visualization functionality of E²SERVICE provides a clear structure to organize Big Data supporting a wide range of user requirements.


  • Single compact overview for the genset status including the option of manual operation.
  • Reasonable grouped list of parameters for an easy access.
  • Electronic operation log as event journal containing all events, messages, alarms or faults time stamp based including handling for acknowledging.
  • Snapshot to store complete “live” state information for e.g. offline examination.
  • Combined views of parameters, characteristics and maps.
  • Parameter set comparison and restoring.